Bhutan Trip Cost


2,200 BTN / 30 USD / 2,000 INR


1,900 BTN / 26 USD / 1,800 INR

Local Transportation

1,800 BTN / 25 USD / 1,800 INR

Intercity Transportation

5,500 BTN / 75 USD / 5,400 INR


1,500 BTN / 20 USD / 1,500 INR

Average Daily Cost

6,000 BTN / 85 USD / 6,000 INR (per person per day)

If you are looking for a holiday in around 5,000 INR or 100 USD then Bhutan will be a good option for you. You can expect Bhutan trip expenses around 6,000 BTN/85 USD/6,000 INR for one person in one day. The data we are using here is collected from other travelers who had visited Bhutan in past. May be the average daily cost will vary according to facilities you are using and also your time of visit can change costing.

On an average other travelers had spend around 1,900 BTN / 26 USD / 1,800 INR on fooding for one day. While roaming in Bhutan you can expect travelling cost around 1,800 BTN / 25 USD / 1,800 INR. Accommodation can be expensive if you are a solo traveler, you can expect around 2,200 BTN / 30 USD / 2,000 INR for one person one day, it will be cheaper if you take accommodation for atleast two person.

A snow cladded country in the Himalayas. A trip to Bhutan is magnificent for the tourist. One can easily enjoy the magnificent beauty available in Bhutan at a very reasonable cost. Special provisions have been made by the Bhutan government to enhance the tourism industry in the country. A vacation to Bhutan is must for the travel geeks. It provides you with an experience which is just unforgettable.

An average daily cost of a tourist in Bhutan at any time is around 6000 BTN. Rates for tourism are very reasonable. Tourism in Bhutan is welcomed throughout the seasons and is allow a major source of income for the locals there. All the data presented in this article have been calculated considering the past trips of the traveller and also from the locals of Singapore. There is no such major problem for the tourist while travelling to Bhutan

Bhutan Price Table

Bhutan Hotel Prices

Bedding500 BTN / 7 USD / 500 INR
Basic Room1,800 BTN / 25 USD / 1,800 INR
3 Star Room3,000 BTN / 40 USD / 3,000 INR
4 Star Room8,000 BTN / 110 USD / 8,000 INR
5 Star Room15,000 BTN / 210 USD / 15,000 INR

Comfortable and economical, the hotels are the heart of Bhutan that offers easy access to the country’s important landmarks, entertainment centres, shopping malls. Anyone can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the city while you are at the top of the building. Various facilities such as Wi-Fi, pool, massage, etc. One can easily find hotels at great deals in Bhutan. The hotels are quite big and luxuries. Requirements of the tourist are given great importance. One can easily acquire a discount of around 50% for the tourist.

Bhutan Food Prices

Tea/Coffee20 BTN/ 0.3 USD / 19.8 INR
Sandwich/Burger49.7 BTN/ 0.69 USD / 50 INR
Bowl Meal69.5 BTN/ 0.79 USD / 70 INR
Ema Datshi99.3 BTN/1.4 USD / 100 INR
Meal149 BTN/ 28 USD / 150 INR
Dessert69.5 BTN/ 0.79 USD / 70 INR
Alcohol246 BTN/ 3.4 USD / 250 INR

The most impressive characteristic of Bhutanese cuisine is in its spiciness. Chillis are an essential part of almost every dish and are considered so important that nearly every Bhutanese people would not like a meal that was not spicy. Spicy food is everything for the people of Bhutan. This could be not very easy for a tourist who does not like spicy food to eat in Bhutan. Ema Datshi is the prominent dish in Bhutan. Those who don’t eat spicy food would find it difficult in Bhutan. The large variety of food items are available for tourist at the desired rate

Bhutan Transportation Prices

Local Transportation1,874 BTN/ 26 USD / 1,878 INR
Short Taxi Ride79.5BTN/1.11 USD /80 INR
Long Taxi Ride200 BTN/2.79 USD /201 INR
Bus180 BTN/2.5 USD /181.1INR
Internal FlightN/A

Modes of transportation available are road. Private and taxis are available for local transport within the cities of Bhutan. Buses care available for intercity transport for the tourists. All these rates are per head. Various other schemes are available for tourist transport in Bhutan. This benefits the tourist a lot.

Comfortable road transport is available in Bhutan, making the journey in this harsh terrain really pleasant. Tourists are at ease riding in Bhutan Cruisers, Toyota Cars, Hiace Buses and Buses are offered to our tourists depending upon the group size. The experienced, courteous drivers and the caretakers are well trained and licensed by sector of Tourism and the sector of Motor Vehicles in safety and driving on mountainous Tourists are at ease riding in Bhutan Mountains. The government provide support to the tourist.

Visit to the Bhutan for a trip is worth indeed. There are various places worth seeing. These places include Taktsang Monastery, western Bhutan, eastern Bhutan, Himalayas, etc. are a great hub for the tourist. All these places have emerged as great tourist spots in the past few years. Bhutan has taken significant steps to improve the tourism industry in the country.

A trip to Bhutan will enhance your experience and would provide you comfort. This trip to Bhutan will definitely benefit one. One can visit Bhutan with their family. A visit to Bhutan is affordable to even middle-class person. 

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