Costa Rica

Costa Rica Trip Cost


23,075 CRC/ 41 USD / 3,150 INR


9,613 CRC / 18 USD / 1,313 INR

Local Transportation

5,562 CRC / 9.9 USD / 760 INR

Intercity Transportation

9,718 CRC / 17 USD / 1,327 INR


4,438 CRC / 8 USD / 600 INR


2,200 CRC / 4 USD / 300 INR

Average Daily Cost

41,561 CRC / 75 USD / 5678 INR (per person per day)

Costa Rica is regarded as one of the best location for tourist for the vacations. Costa Rica is famous for it’s sanctuaries which are of diverse nature. Costa Rica is known for it’s rich wildlife, natural portrait and the “pura vida.” It’s the region where people come to experience a cloud forest or see hatching sea turtles. This country has very rich natural resources and have a lot of exclusive tourist destinations.

An average daily cost for a tourist in Costa Rica is around 41,561 CRC. Rates for the tourism are very reasonable. All the data projected in this article have been calculated considering the past trips of the traveller and also from the locals of Costa Rica.

There is no such major difficulties for the tourist while travelling to the Costa Rica. A trip to Costa Rica is just worth of everything. The cost of living in Costa Rica is very reasonable which also has good effects for the tourist and trips.

Costa Rica Prices Table

Costa Rica Hotel Prices

Bedding1,500 CRC /2.68 USD / 204 INR
Basic Room4,000 CRC / 7.1 USD / 546 INR
3 Star Room58,553 CRC / 104 USD / 8,000 INR
4 Star Room87,829 CRC / 156 USD / 12,000 INR
5 Star Room117,106CRC / 209 USD / 16,000 INR

The average cost for accommodation is around 23,075 CRC in Costa Rica. Most of the hotels available are posh and luxuries. The hotels offer a great amount of services to their customers. Long chains of hotels and resorts make it easier for the customer to find their accommodation during their trip to Costa Rica.

The standards of these hotels are well-maintained and are favorable for the customers. One can easily find hotels at great deals in Costa Rica. Resorts also provide an alternative for the stay of tourist during their visit to Costa Rica. Special dishes of Costa Rica includes the brown rice, tuna frizzling and the lamas tunk. These delicious dishes just steals the hearth of the tourist in the Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Food Prices

Tea/coffee800 CRC / 1.4 USD / 109 INR
Sandwich/Burger1000 CRC / 1.78 USD / 136 INR
Bowl Meal1,22CRC / 2.18 USD / 166 INR
Meal2,000 CRC / 3.5 USD / 273 INR
Dessert1,560 CRC / 2.78 USD / 213 INR
Alcohol2,200 CRC / 4 USD / 300 INR

While food prices in Costa Rica can vary, the average cost of food in Costa Rica is CRC 2,000 per day. Based on the thrift spending  of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in an hotel  in Costa Rica should cost around CRC 25 per person.

Most people don’t make a trip to Costa Rica for their cuisine . It’s very simple, yet the flavors are natural. Most dishes comprises of rice and beans. On the beaches,  tourist can enjoy a large number of delicious seafood options, and fruits are available all over in the nation.

Costa Rica Transportation Prices

Local Transportation5,562 CRC / 9.9 USD / 760 INR
Short Taxi Ride660 CRC / 1.18 USD / 90 INR
Long Taxi Ride1000 CRC / 1.78 USD / 136 INR
Bus2,560 CRC / 4.5 USD / 350INR
Internal Flight…………………………………………

Modes of transportation available are road, rail and water. . On average, past travelers have spent CRC 660 per head, per day, on local transportation in Costa Rica.. The cost of the transportation within the country is affordable for the tourist. Die to the buses available for transportation, the travelling time required reduces significantly.

The price for intercity transportation is around 9,718 CRC. Private and taxis are available for local transport within the cities of the Costa Rica. All the modes of transportation are available for the tourist and are much human friendly.

Visit to the Costa Rica for a trip is immeasurable experience. Costa Rica is a diverse nation with many things to offer for the travelers. Whether you’re visiting for the beaches, the culture, or the nightlife, you’re likely to find so much more than you expected in this marvelous country.

A trip to Costa Rica offers you to enrich your experience and spend quality time with your family and friends. Wishing you a safe and happy journey to the cuddling Costa Rica.

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