Malaysia Trip Cost


166 RM / 79 USD / 2,875 INR


64 RM / 15 USD / 1,078 INR

Local Transportation

44 RM / 11 USD / 791 INR

Intercity Transportation

155 RM / 37 USD / 2,660 INR


77 RM / 18USD / 1,294 INR


41 RM / 979 USD / 704 INR

Average Daily Cost

300 RM / 72 USD / 5,176 INR (per person per day)

Modern Malaysia has exquisite beaches, dynamic cities, numerous food choices, and friendly individuals. The population consist mainly of Malay individuals, with the remainder consisting of Chinese, Indian, and alternative ethnic tribes. The traditions, culture, festivals, and religions of the country measure equally numerous.

The country contains a sturdy technology trade and is one amongst the wealthiest countries in a geographical area. One can easily enjoy the magnificent beauty available in Malaysia at a very affordable cost.

An average daily cost for a tourist in Malaysia is around 300 RM. Rates for tourism are very reasonable. All the data projected in this article have been calculated considering the past trips of the traveler and also from the locals of Singapore. There are no such major difficulties for the tourist while travelling to Malaysia. trip to Malaysia is just worth of everything. 

Malaysia Prices Table

Malaysia Hotel Prices

Bedding20 RM / 4 USD / 300 INR
Basic Room30 RM / 7 USD / 500 INR
3 Star Room115 RM / 30 USD / 2,000 INR
4 Star Room250 RM / 70 USD / 5,000 INR
5 Star Room 577.5 RM / 140 USD /10,000 INR

The average cost for accommodation is around 166 RM in Malaysia. Most of the hotels available are posh and luxuries. The hotels offer a great number of services to their customers. Long chains of hotels and resorts make it easier for the customer to find their accommodation during their trip to Malaysia. The standards of these hotels are well-maintained and are favourable for the customers. One can easily find hotels at great deals in Malaysia.

Malaysia Food Prices

Tea/Coffee3 RM / 0.71 USD / 52 INR
Sandwich/Burger10 RM / 2.37 USD / 174INR
Bowl Meal13 RM / 3.09 USD / 225 INR
Nasi Lemak6 RM / 1.5 USD / 104 INR
Meal16 RM / 3.80 USD / 278 INR
Dessert10 RM / 2.37 USD / 174 INR
Alcohol41 RM / 9.79 USD / 704 INR

While food prices in Malaysia can vary, the average cost of food in Malaysia is RM64 per day. Based on the thrift spending of previous travellers, when dining out an average meal in a hotel in Malaysia should cost around RM 25 per person. Breakfast prices are usually a little less than lunch or dinner. One can find food from a small street stall to the luxuries hotels during your trip to Malaysia

The cost of food from hotels might drain your pocket at a great rate, but spending for tasty and mouth-watering food would be of no great importance. But it doesn’t contradict the fact that stall foods are also aromatic and delicious. Some of the popular dishes in the country are NasiLemak, SatayRendang, etc.

Malaysia Transportation Prices

Local Transportation44 RM / 11 USD / 791 INR
Short Taxi Ride3 RM / 0.71 USD / 52 INR
Long Taxi Ride10 RM / 2.37 USD / 174 INR
Bus3 RM / 0.71 USD / 52 INR
Internal Flight100 RM / 24 USD / 1,800 INR

Modes of transportation available are road, air, rail and water. The cost of a taxi ride in Malaysia is higher than Government supported transportations. On average, past travellers have spent RM 44 per head, per day, on local transportation in Malaysia. The cost of transportation within the city is affordable. Internal flights are available to travel across the cities of Malaysia. This helps to cut down the time lost in long trips within the country.

The price of intercity transportation is around 155 RM. Private and taxis are available for local transport within the cities of Malaysia. Buses are available for intercity transport. The easiest way to get around this country is by bus. Please consider that the cost of transportation in Malaysia can vary depending on your specific style of travel.

Visit to the Malaysia for a trip is Just indeed magnificent. There are various places worth visiting. These places include Cameron Highlands, George Town, Taman Negara, etc. are a great hub for the tourist. Malaysia is a diverse nation with many things to offer for travellers.

Whether you’re visiting Malaysia for the culture, the beaches or the nightlife, you’re likely to find so much more than you ever expected in this marvellous country. It’s perhaps the easiest and quickest country to travel in Southeast Asia and makes for a wonderful introduction to the regions for those who had never experienced a thrill like this.

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