Maldives Trip Cost


646 MVR/42 USD /3,020INR


207 MVR/13USD /970 INR

Local Transportation

109 MVR/7.08USD /510 INR

Intercity Transportation

150 MVR/9.68 USD /700INR


100 MVR/6.45 USD /468INR


185 MVR/12 USD /872INR

Average Daily Cost

922 MVR/60 USD /4,320 INR(per person per day)

Enamoring beaches on the shore, crystal-clear waters, thrilling activities, and pleasing weather, Maldives tourism enterprise is adorned by such charming options and heaps a lot of. The tourism industry of this island country boasts of a excess of Maldives tourist spots that lure backpackers,
honeymooners moreover as families. . One can easily enjoy the magnificent beauty available in Maldives at very affordable cost.

A trip to Maldives is so magnificent that it has named Magnificent Maldives by the people. Special provisions have been made by the Maldives government to enhance the tourism industry in the country. A vacation to the Maldives is must for the people who love travelling.

An average daily cost of a tourist in Maldives at any time is around 922 MVR. Rates for the tourism are very reasonable. All the data projected in this article have been calculated considering the past trips of the traveler and also from the locals of Maldives. There is no such major difficulties for the tourist while travelling to the Maldives.

Maldives Prices Table

Maldives Hotel Prices

Bedding70MVR/ 4.52 USD /327 INR
Basic Room150 MVR/ 9.68 USD /700INR
3 Star Room1067 MVR/68.84 USD /5,000INR
4 Star Room1500 MVR/451 USD /7,000INR
5 Star Room2,560 MVR/775 USD /12,000INR

The hotels and personal resorts on the island of Lankanfushi basks within the North Malé coral reef, girdled by a shallow laguna of sheer blue waters nonetheless simply a 30 minutes motorboat ride from Malé international landing field. If you’re searching for total sea-girt isolation, bear in mind that the area unit a handful of alternative islands visible on the distant horizon. Excluding  that, Lankanfushi is just about your proverbial paradise.

Comfortable and economical, the hotelsare the exoticfeatures of the Maldives. That offers easy access to the country’s prominent locations,shopping malls, entertainment centers,etc. One can enjoy a beautiful magnificent view of the country from these luxuries hotels. One can easily find hotels at great deals in Maldives and also can acquire a wallet-praising discount on bookings of the hotels and resorts.

Maldives Food Prices

Tea/coffee20 MVR/1.29 USD /94INR
Sandwich/Burger25 MVR/1.61 USD / 118INR
Bowl Meal40 MVR/2.5 USD /188 INR
Fihunu Mas150 MVR/ 9.68 USD /700INR
Meal20 MVR/1.29USD /93.7INR
Dessert30 MVR/1.8 USD /700INR
Alcohol185 MVR/ 12 USD /872INR

It should be noted that, smaller and remote the island, the more complicated is it to find an alternative dinning options. And then you have to pay a lot of money for dinner or lunch at the hotel, where the cost of food could easily reach 10-15 USD. But due to increase in the tourism, special provisions have been made for availability of tasty and quality food for the tourist.

Though Maldives is a small island, there are various options ranging from the small sea food to the hotel’s dishes. Sea food is the main ingredient of the diet of Maldives people.Cost of food mainly seafood is affordable and within the budget. One can also taste the aromatic and exotify food by spending some more penny.

Maldives Transportation Prices

Local Transportation185 MVR/ 12 USD /872INR
Short Taxi Ride109 MVR/7.08 USD /510INR
Long Taxi Ride109 MVR/7.08 USD /510INR
Bus20 MVR/1.29USD /93.7INR
Internal Flight……………………………………..

Modes of transportation available are road and water. Dhoni, a special type of water transportation is used by the local people. The cost of the transportation within the city is affordable. Seaplanes are also prominent mode of transport which gives a thrilling experience.

The price for local transportation is around 185 MVR. Private and taxis are available for local transport within the cities of the Maldives . Buses care is available for intercity transport.The government provide support to the tourist.

Visit to the Maldives for a trip is Just indeed magnificent .There are various places worth seeing. This places include Kaafu, Alifu, coral reefs, fish markets, Mosque, etc. are greathub for the tourist. The coral atolls of the Maldives area unit scattered like stepping stones across the Indian Ocean, simply north of the equator. All these places have emerged as great tourist spots in the past few years. Maldives have taken major steps to improve the tourism industry in the country.

A trip to Maldives will enhance your experience and would provide you comfort. A trip to the Maldives is unforgettable. Visit Maldives to expertise the tropical charm of those islands within the ocean. for many years, the exciting place has carried its interesting class by attracting tourists from all elements of the planet, and majorly from Asian country.

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