Maui Trip Cost


59 USD / 4,490 INR


57 USD / 4,338 INR

Local Transportation

62 USD / 4,719 INR

Intercity Transportation

70 USD / 5,328 INR


45 USD / 3,425 INR


10 USD / 76 INR

Average Daily Cost

148 USD / 11,265 INR (per person per day)

Situated towards the middle of the world’s largest Ocean and the northeast corner of Polynesia, Hawai’i is the 50th state of the United States of America. It is a major tourist hotspot for travelers from around the world and as such, its economy relies on the tourist dollar. 

The state includes cluster many islands that spread over 1,500 miles, but there are eight important islands which have a huge diversity of natural scenic beauty and interesting landscapes. The capital of the state is Honolulu. Both Hawaiian and English are spoken throughout. The major religion of people here is Christianity.

Rates for the trips are very reasonable. Trips to Maui is welcomed throughout the seasons and is allow a major income  for the locals there. All the data presented in this article have been calculated considering the past trips of the traveler and also from the locals of  Maui. There is no such major problem for the tourist while the vacations in the Maui.

Maui Prices Table

Maui Hotel Prices

Bedding14 USD / 1,065 INR
Basic Room18 USD / 1,370 INR
3 Star Room120 USD / 9,134 INR
4 Star Room148 USD / 11,265 INR
5 Star Room185 USD / 14,080 INR

Hotels available in Maui are typical large and luxuries built for the tourist who have came for a trip during their vacation. This hotels and resorts offers a great deal of facilities to the travelers in minimum possible cost. The hotels generally 4 star or 5 star ate within the budget of families travelling to this beautiful Island. The scenic view from the balcony of the room of the hotel is just Immensurable. The average price of a 5 star hotel in Maui is around 185 USD

Maui Food Prices

Tea/coffee6 USD / 456 INR
Sandwich/Burger8 USD / 608 INR
Bowl Meal12 USD / 913 INR
Meal20 USD / 1,522 INR
Dessert18 USD / 1,370 INR
Alcohol10 USD / 761 INR

Hawaiian food is a mix of Hawaiian, Portuguese, American and Asian-Pacific flavors. Seafood is available in large quantity and excellent. If you’re on a wallet-packed budget, a filling and traditional meal is a plate lunch. It is available at lunch wagons or food courts and typically includes a meat or fish and sides of rice and macaroni salad. Perhaps the most famous Hawaiian dining experience is the luau. This is a traditional Hawaiian feast that involves music, dance and barbecue.

Modern luaus that are prepared for tourists are typically buffet style and provide entertainment and delicious food. They are held throughout the islands at resort hotels and some restaurants, but they are expensive, often costing between $60 and $100 a person. Local meal cost around 20 USD for the tourist pee day to a single person. Large variety of seafood is available for the tourist which is always fresh and aromatic.

Maui Transportation Prices

Local Transportation62 USD / 4,719 INR
Short Taxi Ride22 USD / 1,674INR
Long Taxi Ride40 USD / 3,045 INR
Bus58 USD / 2,664 INR
Internal Flight…………………………

Modes of transportation available is road. Private and taxis are available for local transport within the cities of the Maui. Buses care available for intercity transport for the tourist. All this rates are per head. Boat services are available for the people to travel from one island to another in a quick span of time. People like to travel in those boats as because it has became a benchmark of the Maui Island.

Various other schemes are available for the tourist transport in Maui. This benefits the tourist a lot. Comfortable road transport is available in Maui, making journey in this rigorous terrain really pleasant.

Visit to the Maui for a trip is worth indeed for those who like to wander here and there for gaining awesome experience. There are various places worth seeing especially the beaches and the coral reef around those small penny island. All the hotspots in Maui have emerged as great tourist spots in the past few years. Maui have taken major steps to improve the tourist activity in the country.

A trip to Maui will enhance your experience and would provide you comfort. One will be definitely benefited by this trip to the Maui. One can visit Maui with their family. A visit to Maui is affordable to even middle-class person. Visit to Maui can just enrich your experience like never before. It is a great hub for a trip during vacations.

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