Paris Trip Cost


207 €/ 225 USD / 17,210 INR


29 €/ 31 USD / 2,370 INR

Local Transportation

11 €/ 12 USD / 918 INR

Intercity Transportation

25 €/ 27 USD / 2,065 INR


54 €/ 58.7 USD / 4,490 INR


11 €/ 12 USD / 918 INR

Average Daily Cost

162 €/ 176 USD / 12,390 INR (per person per day)

Paris remains one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. The reasons are obvious. Some tourist choose to visit one or two spotlight in the region before continuing on to the rest of their western tour. Others people spend a week or more in this city, enriching up everything it has to offer, from its small shady towns to its world renowned food.  Paris tourist enterprise is adorned by the exhausted options and great experience to the nerds.

One can easily enjoy the glorying beauty available in Paris at very reasonable cost. A trip to Paris is known for the lovers so it is called as the city of live. It marks the symbolic approach towards love and care.  In such condition , it becomes must for a couple to travel for Paris as because Paris has everything for the couples.

An average daily cost of a tourist in Paris at any time is around 162€. Rates for the tour and travels are very cost effective. All the data projected in this article have been calculated considering the past trips of the traveller and also from the locals of Paris.

The tourist don’t feel much difficulty which travelling to the Paris. All the travel expenses in Paris are reasonable to the travelers. As because Paris is an expensive country therefore some cost are particularly high but fits within the budget.

Paris Prices Table

Paris Hotel Prices

Bedding20 €/ 21.75 USD / 1,660 INR
Basic Room40 €/ 43.5 USD /3,327 INR
3 Star Room150€/ 163 USD / 12,469 INR
4 Star Room180 €/ 195 USD /14,900 INR
5 Star Room220 €/ 239 USD / 18,280INR

Comfortable and economical, the hotels are the exotic features of the Paris that offers easy access to the country’s prominent locations, shopping malls, entertainment centers,etc. One can enjoy a beautiful magnificent view of the country from these luxuries hotels. One can easily find hotels at great deals in Paris and also can acquire a wallet-praising discount on bookings of the hotels and resorts.

Even one can claim a great discount on the cost of hotels in special seasons. One can even book rooms and resorts for themselves. Large chains of hotels are made available for the tourist as because tourist visit Paris all over the season.

Paris Food Prices

Tea/coffee4 €/ 4.35 USD / 330 INR
Sandwich/Burger9 €/ 9.79 USD / 750 INR
Bowl Meal12 €/ 13.05 USD / 1,000 INR
Meal16 €/ 17.4 USD / 1,330 INR
Dessert10 €/ 10.87 USD / 830 INR
Alcohol11 €/ 12 USD / 918 INR

As for food, Paris has some delicious food which can be accessed on the streets as well as in luxurious hotels. The local cuisine of Paris is world-famous for its taste, aroma and it’s fringe. Large varieties of beers and wines are available for the tourist at a very reasonable cost. The restaurant in the streets of Paris is of reasonable cost but if you choose a place of high luxury, it can cost you a penny more.

Paris Transportation Prices

Local Transportation11 €/ 12 USD / 918 INR
Short Taxi Ride15 €/ 16.3 USD / 1,250INR
Long Taxi Ride40 €/ 43.50 USD / 3,330 INR
Bus25 €/ 27.19 USD / 2,080 INR
Train20 €/ 21.75 USD / 1,660INR

The modes of transportation available are road, rail, and water. Transportation helps the tourist a lot. The rates of local buses and trains are very reasonable to the tourist . Also as a part of the well-developed city, the transportation industry is also well developed. The cost of transportation within the city is affordable. The price of local transportation is around 11 €. Private vehicles and taxis are available for local transport within Paris.

Visit Paris for a trip is Just indeed full of magnificent experience and glories. There are various places worth seeing such as the Eiffel Tower and the leaning tower of Pisa. Both these are regarded as the greatest tourist spots of all time.

A trip to  Paris will enhance your experience and would provide you comfort along with very much else which cannot be forgotten. A trip to the Paris is unforgettable. Visit Paris to expertise in the tropical charm of this place. Indeed this place is out of this world. Try going to Paris and figure out some extradites out there for tourists.

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