Phuket Trip Cost


1,658 Thai Baht/ 51 USD / 3900 INR


596 Thai Baht / 19 USD / 1450 INR

Local Transportation

294 Thai Baht / 9 USD / 688 INR

Intercity Transportation

283 Thai Baht/ 9 USD / 650 INR


1,235Thai Baht/ 38 USD / 2,900INR


186 Thai Baht/ 5.7 USD / 436 INR

Average Daily Cost

6,012 Thai Baht/ 92 USD / 7,040 INR (per person per day)

Are you excited to visit the thrilling, dashing Phuket? Is your budget frightening you about your Phuket Trip Cost? And also is your budget around 100USD per head per day? Then no need to worry about your budget. We can give a brief summary of all expenses of yours from the small tea to the great Travelling.

You can expect your Phuket trip cost around 6,012 Thai Baht/ 92 USD / 7,040 INR per head per day on your vacation to the thrilling Phuket. All this data related to the trip had been calculated considering the past Phuket’s visit and also considering the local people and traveling geeks. Your limited budget for the trip to Phuket won’t be restricted due to your small budget for the trip.

Phuket Prices Table

Phuket Hotel Prices

Bedding50 Thai Baht/ 1.54 USD / 117 INR
Basic Room90 Thai Baht/ 2.7 USD / 206 INR
3 Star Room1,500 Thai Baht / 47 USD / 3,596 INR
4 Star Room1,900 Thai Baht/ 58 USD/ 4,438 INR
5 Star Room2,330 Thai Baht/ 72 USD / 5,500 INR

The most important factor to be considered while planning a trip is your accommodation i.e. hotels/lodges/hostels, etc. There are ample numbers of posh and luxuries hotel at Phuket. You can select the hotels as per your requirement and your level.

One can avail of various benefits from the hotel facilities. Anticipating large tours in Phuket, you can avail of great discounts on phuket hotel prices while your stay. Your every requirement in being cared for in the hotels. Seasonal hotels and resorts are available for the tourist during the vacation seasons in the Phuket city.

Phuket Food Prices

Tea/coffee60 Thai Baht / 1.8 USD / 138 INR
Sandwich/Burger80 Thai Baht / 2.46 USD / 188 INR
Bowl Meal100 Thai Baht/ 3 USD / 229 INR
Meal125 Thai Baht / 3.95 USD / 294INR
Dessert100 Thai Baht/ 3 USD / 229 INR
Alcohol95 Thai Baht/ 3 USD / 217 INR

Phuket is a paradise for foodaholic ranging from the small street food on stalls to the delicious treat in the 5-star hotels. There are various varieties of food available and phuket food prices varies according to the place. The cost of food is also considerable. Basic Thai meals can cost you around 125 Thai Baht which can easily fulfill your hunger requirement.

Beverages and drinks are also available at low rates for the tourist. One can enjoy a large variety of foodstuffs in the city of Phuket. The street food on small stalls is so delicious that even the smell of the food can bring water in your mouth.

Phuket Transportation Prices

Local Transportation6,012 Thai Baht/ 92 USD / 7,040 INR
Short Taxi Ride35 Thai Baht / 1.08 USD / 82 INR
Long Taxi Ride60 Thai Baht/ 1.85 USD/ 141 INR
Bus100 Thai Baht/ 3 USD / 229 INR
Internal Flight…………………………………………

There is no major difference in travelling in Phuket as compared to other countries. Various modes of transportation such as land, rail, air, water are available in the country. Tuk-tuks are the most famous method of short transportation in the city. Buses are also available for rides for long distances. There would be no major problem for tourist to find means of transportation for them.

Average cost of local transport in the city is about 6,012 Thai Baht/ 92 USD / 7,040 INR. Taxis and buses are the major sources of regional transport in the city.

These are all the considerable rates for vacations in Phuket and with help of them you can calculate your Phuket Trip Cost. You can enjoy your vacations in the Phuket city with your family, friends and relatives. There are n number of tourist spots in the city which ate the major source of attraction for the people.

Also one can enjoy traveling to other various countries when travelling to the Phuket. Hope your visit to Phuket thrill you the most. Wishing you a happy and safe journey. Thank you!

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