Prague Trip Cost


1,248KČ/ 50 USD / 3,800 INR


490 KČ /20 USD / 1,495 INR

Local Transportation

153 KČ/ 6.1 USD / 467 INR

Intercity Transportation

200 KČ / 7.8 USD / 610 INR


305 KČ / 12 USD / 93 INR


209 KČ / 8.35 USD / 637 INR

Average Daily Cost

2,052 KČ / 82 USD / 6263 INR (per person per day)

Prague is a top tourist destination for vacations in Europe. Prague is no longer a budget travel destination as because the rates of tour to Prague has increased a lot. Prices can be related to most other Places in Europe. There are large number of free activities of which the tourist can take advantage off, and budget accommodation is still available, so it is possible to save penny during your trip to Prague. A vacation to the Prague is must for the travel geeks. It provide you with a experience which is just unforgettable.

An average daily cost of a tourist in Prague at any time is around 2,052 KČ. Rates for the trips are very reasonable. . Trips to Prague is welcomed throughout the seasons and is allow a major income for the locals there. All the data presented in this article have been calculated considering the past trips of the traveller and also from the locals of Prague. There is no such major problem for the tourist while the vacations in the Prague.

Prague Prices Table

Prague Hotel Prices

Bedding70 KČ/ 2.8 USD / 213 INR
Basic Room100 KČ / 4 USD / 305 INR
3 Star Room589 KČ / 25 USD / 1,800 INR
4 Star Room730 KČ / 29 USD / 2,230 INR
5 Star Room820 KČ / 33 USD / 2,500 INR

Comfortable and lavish, the hotels are the heart of Prague that offers easy access to great locations in the country. One can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the city while you are at the top of the building. Various facilities such as Wi-Fi, pool, massage, etc. are available for the tourist during their trip to Prague. One can easily find hotels at great deals in Prague. The hotels are quite big and luxuries. Requirements of the tourist is given a great importance. One can easily acquire a discount of around 50% for the tourist. Cost of hotels are reasonable for the tourist.

Prague Food Prices

Tea/coffee40 KČ / 1.6 USD / 122 INR
Sandwich/Burger60 KČ / 2.4 USD / 183 INR
Bowl Meal100 KČ / 4 USD / 305 INR
Meal150 KČ / 6 USD / 457 INR
Dessert85 KČ / 3.4 USD / 260 INR
Alcohol209 KČ / 8.35 USD / 637 INR

The most distinct characteristic of Prague food is in its spiciness. Chillis and spices are a necessary part of nearly every dish and are considered so important that most Prague people would not enjoy a meal. Spicy food is everything for the people of Prague. This could be difficult for a tourist to Prague. Those who don’t eat spicy food would find it difficult in Prague. A large variety of food items are available for tourists at the desired rate. Even the food of hotels and small restaurants are of the generally the same taste and are of the generally the same cost. Alcohol generally cost around 209 Kč for the tourist.

Prague Transportation Prices

Local Transportation153 KČ/ 6.1 USD / 467 INR
Short Taxi Ride40 KČ / 1.6 USD / 122 INR
Long Taxi Ride70 KČ / 2.8 USD / 213 INR
Bus100 KČ / 4 USD / 305.5 INR
Internal Flight……………………………………..

Modes of transportation available are the road. Private and taxis are available for local transport within the cities of the Prague. Buses care available for intercity transport for the tourist. All these rates are per head. Various other schemes are available for tourist transport in Singapore. This benefits the tourist a lot. Comfortable road transport is available in Prague, making the journey in this rigorous terrain really pleasant. Local transport in Prague generally cost around 153 KČ.

Visit Prague for a trip is worth it indeed. There are various places worth seeing. All the hotspots in Prague have emerged as great tourist spots in the past few years. Prague has taken major steps to improve the tourist activity in the country. A trip to Prague will enhance your experience and would provide you comfort. One will be definitely benefited from this trip to Prague. One can visit Prague with their family. A visit to Prague is affordable to even middle-class people. A visit to Prague for a vacation is worth visiting for an enriched experience.

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