Rome Trip Cost


67 €/ 72 USD / 5,514 INR


37 €/ 40 USD / 3,060 INR

Local Transportation

17 €/ 18 USD / 1,378 INR

Intercity Transportation

20 €/ 21.7 USD / 1,660 INR


29 €/ 31 USD / 2,375 INR


15 €/ 16 USD / 1,225 INR

Average Daily Cost

131 €/ 142 USD / 10,875 INR (per person per day)

Roman tours are generally summoned to the ancient and prehistorical age of the world. One can easily enjoy the magnificent beauty available in Rome at very affordable cost.

A trip to Rome is generally enjoyed by the people of all age. As because this city has it’s own past somewhere hindered behind the beauty of west. A vacation to the Rome is must for the travelling enthusiast.

An average daily cost of a tourist in Rome at any time is around 131 €. Rates for the tourism are very reasonable.

All the data projected in this article have been calculated considering the past trips of the traveller and also from the locals of Rome. All the travel expenses in Rome are reasonable to the travelers. Due to it’s ancient heritage, special care has to be taken for travelling in the city

Rome Prices Table

Rome Hotel Prices

Bedding5 €/ 5.43 USD / 41 INR
Basic Room15 €/ 16 USD / 1,225 INR
3 Star Room120 €/ 130 USD / 9,950 INR
4 Star Room180 €/ 195 USD /14,930 INR
5 Star Room225 €/ 244 USD / 18,686 INR

Comfortable and economical, the hotels are the exotic features of the Rome that offers easy access to the country’s prominent locations, shopping malls, entertainment centers,etc. Rome has chains of 3-star, 4-star and 5-star hotels along with resorts and hostels.

One can easily find hotels at great deals in Rome and also can acquire a heart-warming discount on bookings of the hotels and resorts. All the hotels and resorts are lavish and luxurious and provide a wide variety of services to the tourist.

Even one can claim a great discount on the cost of hotels in special seasons which ranges around 30-50%. Hotels are posh and luxurious and have various facilities available for the tourist who have came from all over the world.

Rome Food Prices

Tea/coffee10 €/ 10.86 USD / 830 INR
Sandwich/Burger12 €/ 13 USD / 995 INR
Bowl Meal15 €/ 16 USD / 1,225 INR
Meal20 €/ 21.7 USD / 1660 INR
Dessert13 €/ 14 USD / 1,072 INR
Alcohol15 €/ 16 USD / 1,225 INR

As for food, Rome has some delicious food which can be accessed on the streets as well as in the luxuries hotels. One can also get some delicious dolmades, which are vine leaves stuffed with rice or meat. Seafood are a great choice for people along the periphery of the oceans.

The restaurant in the streets of Rome are of reasonable cost but if you choose a place of high luxury, it can cost you a penny more. Your budget play a preliminary role in your trip.

Primary cuisine marks the historic culture of the city for the travelers. Cuisine consist of veggies, pulses, seafood and meat. There are various restaurant that provide food of different culture to mark a variety for the tourist who have came to Rome.

Rome Transportation Prices

Local Transportation17 €/ 18 USD / 1,378 INR
Short Taxi Ride25 €/ 27 USD / 2067 INR
Long Taxi Ride35 €/ 38 USD / 2,910 INR
Bus14 €/ 15 USD / 1,170 INR
Internal Flight……………………………….

Modes of transportation available are road, rail and water. Transportation helps in tourism a lot. The transportation industry has been a medium in providing employment to the youth. Also as a part of developed nation, the transportation industry is also well developed.

The cost of the transportation within the city is affordable. The price for local transportation is around 17 €. Buses and taxis are available for local transport within Rome. Buses care is available for intercity transport and also railways are available for long distance travel. This reduces the time in travelling long distance by road.

Visit to the Rome for a trip is unforgettable for the tourist. There are various places worth seeing. All these places have emerged as great tourist spots in the past few years.

Rome have taken major steps to improve the tourism industry in the country. A trip to Rome will enhance your experience and would provide you comfort. A trip to the Rome is unforgettable. Visit Rome to expertise the tropical charm of this place.

For many years, the exciting place has carried its interesting class by attracting tourists from all elements of the planet, and majorly from the western world.

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