Singapore Trip Cost


102 SGD/ 74 USD /5,200 INR


30 SGD/21.6 USD /1,520INR

Local Transportation

11 SGD/8 USD /560 INR

Intercity Transportation

37 SGD/26.6USD /1,880INR


35 SGD/25.2 USD /1,780INR


5 SGD/3.6USD /250 INR

Average Daily Cost

164SGD/ 118 USD /8,330 INR(per person per day)

Though it may be the more expensive than the south-east Asian countries, it very quite reasonable and affordable than the western countries on this globe. One can easily enjoy the scenic beauty available in western countries in Singapore at a very reasonable cost. Special provisions have been made by the government to enhance the tourism industry in the country. Tourism is at it’s best throughout the year in Singapore.

An average daily cost of a tourist at any time is 164 SGD, which costs around 118 USD. These are quote low rates as compared to western beauties. Tourism is welcomed throughout the seasons and is allow a major source of income for the locals there. All the data presented in this article have been calculated considering the past trips of the traveler and also from the locals. There is no sort of problem for tourists in any part of their trip which may be either accommodation, food, entertainment, etc. 

Singapore Prices Table

Singapore Hotel Prices

Bedding20 SGD / 4 USD / 300 INR
Basic Room32.25 SGD/ 20 USD /1,640 INR
3 Star Room40 SGD/29 USD /2,030INR
4 Star Room80 SGD/58 USD /4,060INR
5 Star Room138 GD/190 USD /5,200 INR

One can easily find hotels at great deals. The hotels are quite big and luxurious. The requirements of the tourist is given great importance. Various facilities are available for the tourist. Discounts are available on various occasions. You may never face difficulties while checking in a hotel. Security is at its peak for the hotels.

Singapore Food Prices

Sandwich/Burger3 SGD/ 2.15 USD /152 INR
Bowl Meal2 SGD/1.4 USD /102INR
Dahl Bhat102 SGD/ 74 USD /5,200 INR
Meal30 SGD/ 21.6 USD /1,520 INR
Dessert3 SGD/ 2.15 USD /152 INR
Alcohol5 SGD/ 3.6USD /250 INR

Prices of food may vary from places to places in sensational Singapore. Various famous dishes are chili cab, laksa, popiah, etc. These dishes are included in the basic meal for the tourist. You’ll find all kinds of food from each part of the world but especially Indian and Chinese food. The taste of this food is just awesome.

One can just fill their stomach by just smelling the aroma of these traditional dishes here. There are ample of low-cost eateries around Singapore with street stalls typically selling food for less than $4SGD per meal. The food available at hotels, stalls are hygienic and good taste.

Singapore Transportation Prices

Local Transportation11 SGD/8 USD /560 INR
Short Taxi Ride11 SGD/8 USD /560 INR
Long Taxi Ride35 SGD/ 25.2 USD /1,780INR
Bus30 SGD/ 21.6 USD /1,520 INR
Internal Flight150 SGD/108 USD /7,620INR

The transportation system in Singapore is well developed and one can get access to the remote locations of the country very easily. Modes of transportation available are road, rail, water, and air. Taxis and private vehicles are available for local transport within the city. Buses care available for intercity transport for the tourist. Tourist Pass (STP) is a value card which is available for the tourist. With the help of this card, one can travel unlimited within the country in public transport at very low rates.

The following are the rates for the same: 1 day-10 SGD, 2 days-16 SGD, and 3days-20 SGD. All these rates are per head. Various other schemes are available for tourist transport in Singapore. This benefits the tourist a lot.

There are a various places to visit in sensational Singapore. These places include Chinatown, Gardesxby bayBukith Tima natural reserves, orchards, little India, Singapore botanic gardens, free concerts, etc. are a great hub for the tourist. All these places have emerged as great tourist spots in the past few years. Singapore has taken major steps to improve the tourism industry in the country. The result of this effort is all-season tourism in sensational Singapore.

Due to all this Singapore is counted among the best tourist countries in the southeast and also had earned its spot among the western countries giving them tough competition in the tourism industry. Hope this data would be beneficial for you during your trip to sensational Singapore. Wishing you a happy and safe journey. Thank you.

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