Switzerland Trip Cost


127 SFr/ 132 USD/ 9,500 INR


40 SFr/ 42 USD/ 2,990 INR

Local Transportation

4 SFr/ 4.15 USD/ 300 INR

Intercity Transportation

32SFr/ 33.2 USD/ 2,390 INR


44 SFr/ 45.6USD/ 3,290 INR


7 SFr/ 7.26USD/ 520 INR

Average Daily Cost

196 SFr/ 204USD/ 14,665INR (per person per day)

Travel yourself into the world of sizzling Switzerland, where mountain villages drakes the mighty Alps and beckons to you unlike anywhere else. Various locations in the country hold for some great tourist spots. Various tourist spots include Chillonlake, Mount Pilatus, Titlis, etc. On this spot, tourist can spend their quality time. Also, there are various modes of entertainment in the city.

Local craftsmanship inspires, legends of old enchant, and a wealth of cheeses and chocolate offer the irrefutable opportunity to indulge. The beauty of this country is just unforgettable, and you know what travelling to this heaven is also reasonable in cost. Really, Switzerland is the land covered under snow and is a paradise for tourist.

There is a myth related to trips for Switzerland. One of the major myth is that the per head per day expenses are quite sky-touching. But when confirmed from local and people and from travellers who have travelled to Switzerland in the past, it is found that the rates are quite reasonable.

It fact considering a luxuries trip, the cost would go high. But one can compensate as per their particular requirement. One can easily enjoy sizzling Switzerland in 196 SFr per person per day.

Switzerland Prices Table

Switzerland Hotel Prices

Bedding 40 SFr/ 42USD/ 2,990INR
Basic Room 60 SFr/ 62 USD/ 4,490 INR
3 Star Room 40 SFr/ 41.5USD/ 3,000INR
4 Star Room 97 SFr/ 97.45 USD/ 7,000 IINR
5 Star Room 160 SFr/ 165.8USD/ 12,000 INR

One needs not to worry when travelling to Switzerland for accommodation. There is ‘N’ number of lavish and luxuries hotel in the beautiful cities of Switzerland. The cost of these luxuries hotels are quite high, but one can easily manage with the 3 or4 star hotels in the country.

High standards are maintained in the hotels considering the requirement of the tourist. High discounts are available on seasons so that the tourist can avail their benefits. Rates of hotels are expensive but the services offered are outstanding. Therefore there should be no doubt for paying for those services. 

Switzerland Food Prices

Tea/Coffee 4 SFr/ 4.15 USD/ 300 INR
Sandwich/Burger 10 SFr/ 10.3USD/ 750 INR
Bowl Meal 8 SFr/ 8.2USD/ 600 INR
Dahl Bhat 10 SFr/ 10.3USD/ 750 INR
Meal 16 SFr/ 16.5 USD/ 1200INR
Dessert 12 SFr/ 12.5 USD/ 890 INR
Alcohol 7 SFr/ 7.26 USD/ 520 INR

Food is something on which one can’t compromise. Food from the street stall to luxuries hotels are available in Switzerland. All the rates are reasonable for the tourist. Fast foods are energy dozers for the people of Switzerland. The people of Switzerland are foodies and also love to live with this type of tourist.

Burgers and sandwiches are a common type of fast foods. The basic meal is also quite reasonable for the tourist. The taste of Swiss food is just unforgettable.

Switzerland Transportation Prices

Local Transportation 4 SFr/ 4.15 USD/ 300 INR
Short Taxi Ride 17 SFr/ 17.26 USD/ 1270 INR
Long Taxi Ride 75 SFr/ 77.75 USD/ 5,600 INR
Bus 2.5 SFr/ 2.59 USD/ 188 INR
Internal Flight 150 SFr/ 155.5 USD/ 11,200 INR

Transportation is well developed throughout the country. Modes of transportation available are road, rail and air. Taxis are available on a regular basis. There is nothing to hamper about transportation in Switzerland for the tourist.

Travelling gives them the true sense of their vacation to this country, and also the rates are reasonable. The cost of a taxi ride or private vehicle in Switzerland is significantly more than public transportation available for locals as well as tourist. On average, past travelers have spent Sfr4 per head, per day, on local transportation in Switzerland.

Hope Your trip to Switzerland would be Sizzling with this data provided to you from the rich experience of the past travellers and also due to the help of the local peoples of the cities of sizzling Switzerland. There are various tourist locations in the country. Due to this, the tourism industry of Switzerland is in profit.

One of the great tourist attraction is the highest peak in the country is Dufourspitze, which stands as tall as 4,634 meters high in the sky. If you head to this area in the winter, it has some of the best skiing, ice skating, winter sports and many other sports in the world. Also ate attractive cities are worth visiting. One can spend quality time with their closed one in this country. Hope you have been benefited with the information mentioned above. Wish you a happy and safe journey.

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